The Story

Many Lebanese citizens abroad have been distinguished for their successful careers. The owners of BURJAN, two men who left their homeland seeking a greater future, are two of those citizens who made Lebanon proud. Through hard work, faith and commitment, BURJAN was born. BURJAN is a reflection of the ambitions and dreams of these two men.

With more than ten years of experience in the real estate markets, BURJAN LLC is distinguished for its European approach to property development.

BURJAN, a privately owned real estate and property development company focuses on developing and managing premium quality properties to an increasingly demanding clientele.

Until now, the team has built 85’000 square meters of residential and commercial properties, between Switzerland and Lebanon; other than the 38’000 square meters that are recently licensed and under construction. With the Swiss experience, BURJAN has been recognized for its fineness in the real estate department industry. This company shines with its construction management and execution department where it handles the projects from A to Z.

Every project by BURJAN is a result of the dedication of both the physical and intellectual effort of the team.

BURJAN, aims not to meet the clients’ expectation but rather exceed it. They make sure to deliver customers’ dreams on time, with pre and post-supervision and first class facility management which consists of highly trained staff, sophisticated and advanced management tools.

The Goals

BURJAN LLC is a privately owned real estate and property development company with a list of exceptional landmark projects in Switzerland and Lebanon on its portfolio.

What distinguishes BURJAN as a company is its Swiss approach to property development, where a project is actually completed even before laying a single stone. This is possible because all needed resources including manpower, materials, and equipment are all preplanned before starting construction.

Right from the very beginning of the project, BURJAN supervises and follows up closely each and every phase to the very last detail, leaving no room for errors. BURJAN prides itself with on-time delivery, step-by-step supervision, superior execution, and first-class facility management.

BURJAN is committed to delivering projects that never fall short of their clients’ dreams, but that always go one step beyond them. BURJAN’s philosophy adheres to the “Under-promise, Over-deliver” approach to business.

The Services

Knowing that BURJAN handles a project from A to Z, here is a list of the services they offer:

  • Land Study and Analysis: The land, where the project is being constructed on, is fully studied from its different aspects: Soil Levels and Natural Surroundings so the future project fits perfectly its natural environment. 

  • Location Analysis: Regional analysis, Residential and Commercial Demographics. 

  • Project Concept and Licensing: According to the business intelligence data gathered, BURJAN lays a concept that best fits the land and maximizes its financial potential. 

  • Financial Services: It starts by financing the project, evaluating it, running the accounting and drawing the reports. 

  • Construction Management: In this phase there is the overall planning, coordination and control of the project from A to Z. 

  • Contracting & Procurement: BURJAN will hand pick the various contractors that will be appointed to the defined trades of work and will be responsible for a day to day supervision of the construction sites. BURJAN will also draw the specifications list and Bill of Quantities and guarantee that all the items needed reach the site at the most competitive prices possible and highest quality available. 

  • Sales and Marketing: In this phase this department is introduced, its activities vary between advertising, promotions and various media campaigns, making sure to give the perfect exposure to the audience. 

  • Property & Facility Management: This service holds a team of outstanding professionals that are always available within the site, to offer comforting services that include: janitorial services, landscaping, security, engineering and maintenance. Every project benefits from BURJAN’s proficiency and one of a kind management approach.